Pixel Portrait

in the hot


summer sun

i was outside in a red one piece swim suit posing in front of an open door. i was pointing toward the photographer, mid gesture, when this photo was taken.  i wore a rainbow flag tucked in my suit near the armpit. this image appears flashing behind a corresponding line drawing. the words 'pride 2019' are written near my pointing hand. The drawing highlights my cellulite and leg hairs. It also outlines the black doormat I am standing on and an adjacent bag of diatomaceous earth. Anyway, I'm standing there, posing.

wearing glitter rainbow sandals

it was my first pride and it was very joyful. these are some pictures i took of the time we spent that day, trying to escape the heat. playing in that blue, plastic backyard pool, comparing leghairs, hanging out with dogs, making compositions on the sidewalk with plants. i digitized the line drawing into an extra pixellated version. this gif shows two alternating screenshots from my process, where some pixels that make up the line are highlighted - reminds me of glitter sprinkled on a freshly laid line of white glue.

i unravel my expectations



this project ends with the creation of this animated gif. the pixellated line drawing breaks apart, separates, and comes together again.